As the hosts of your wedding, you definitely want everyone invited to have a genuinely great time there. Obviously, the music, the food, and the drinks all matter very much – but what if you want to add a unique touch at your wedding? What if you want your guests to be able to socialize and have fun even when they’re not on the dance floor?

Lounge areas can help you with all this. Here are some tips to help you design gorgeous lounge areas for your Big Day:

  • Split up the spaces. If you want to have your wedding on the outdoors or in a large ballroom, try to separate the space in a way that creates smaller, more intimate areas within your reception. This way, you will be able to designate which of these are to be your lounge areas.
  • Add an intimate vibe. Draping your lounge areas will make them more intimate and cozy – so this is a really great idea if you want your reception to look classy and pretty.
  • Make good use of lighting. A bit of special lighting can add magic and beauty to your lounge areas. Regardless of whether you choose romantic candlelight or something more modern, such as colored Gobo lights, you will definitely find that good lighting can make your lounge areas even more attractive.
  • Add personality and color. From the seating you use for the lounge areas to the colors you decorate them in, everything should be unique and stylish about these. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity!

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