Music takes so many shapes and forms and it can fit into people’s special life event so well that it would be a severe and unrealistic understatement to say that only five songs have been popular at weddings so far.

However, the songs we have gathered in this blog post are, without doubt, among the single most famous ones for weddings. Read on if you want some inspiration for your own wedding playlist!

  • Ben E. King, Stand by Me. Sweet and energizing at the same time, this song is a true all-time staple at weddings. Regardless of whether or not you want to include this for one of the special moments of the Big Day, it is still a truly great idea to include it in your playlist. From your grandparents to your young cousins, everyone will surely love it.
  • Kenny Loggins, Footloose. This country staple is a true energy bomb – it’s the kind of song that even people who are not necessarily fans of the genre will definitely appreciate dancing to! If you are looking for a more modern version of it, Blake Shelton has a very good cover of it – give it a listen and you will be charmed!
  • Aretha Franklin, Respect. If you are looking for a song for the bridal party entrance or for the bouquet toss, this one’s absolutely amazing! An old tune with touches of soul and jazz to it, this song is the kind that instantly puts a smile on any woman’s face!
  • Beyonce ft. Jay-Z, Crazy in Love. Moving to another queen of queen of music, Crazy in Love is, without any trace of doubt, one of the most sensual, romantic, and genuinely unique love songs created in the past decade. It is no wonder, then, that so many brides and grooms include it in their Big Day!
  • Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA. This is one of those songs that can make an entire room move to the sound of its beat. The kind of song that doesn’t let you sit because it feels like a frenzy. The kind of song everyone knows, and everyone wants to dance to. So, if you are searching for a great party starter, give this one a go – we’re sure people will love it.


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