Your wedding music is important – and there’s no way to debate that. Not only will it complement your own wedding style, but it will be part of your love story. It will be the music you will always associate with one of the happiest days of your life.

What kind of music to play at the wedding ceremony, though? We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

  • In general, you are allowed to play whatever music you want. In the end, this is your wedding and you should have the right to choose music that represents you – whatever genre that may be. However, if you plan on having a religious wedding, you should definitely talk to your ceremony officiant – some religious sites don’t allow for just any kind of music to play inside, and others are even quite restrictive about this (and there are only a couple of songs you can choose from).
  • Music should be played throughout the entire duration of the wedding ceremony – from the moment people come and start taking their seats, to the moment you make your grand exit. Each moment should be accompanied by music that has a certain volume and, in most cases, a certain style or vibe.
  • For instance, you want to play something soft and relaxing, on low volume, as people take their seats. But you most likely want to play something energizing for the wedding recessional, especially for the moment of the grand exit.
  • Regarding the exact genre of music that you should play during the wedding ceremony, there’s no actual rule (aside from those imposed by the religious sites). You can play Bach for the beginning of the ceremony, Celine Dion for the candle lighting ceremony, and Metallica for your wedding recessional. As long as it suits you and who you are, and as long as it reflects your love story, there’s absolutely no need to refrain from the kind of music you play at your wedding ceremony.


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