From employee appreciation days to weddings, there’s no doubt that photo booths have taken over events across the United States. But what exactly makes photo booths so incredibly popular? Some of the reasons why event planners and couples tying the knot love photo booths so much include…

  • Plenty of passive fun. Though most people imagine a wedding as a jam-packed event filled with tons of things going on at once, the truth is that wedding receptions often have plenty of downtime. Photo booths offer a fun way to make memories with family members and friends at any point in the evening. You can grab a single set of photos, or you can visit the photo booth multiple times!
  • A unique, one-of-a-kind souvenir. Many event planners find themselves at a loss when it comes to souvenirs. They want to give their guests something special that they can remember their event by, but they typically also don’t want to spend too much of their budget on takeaway gifts. Photo booths are a fun and affordable way to give each guest an individual gift that’s unique and special. Most people will appreciate a photo of themselves with their loved ones much more than a generic coffee mug or bag of almonds!
  • Photo booths are customizable. Finally, event and wedding planners know that photo booths can be customized to fit the theme of any special meeting or celebration. From adding a company hashtag to the photo border to choosing props that match a couple’s signature wedding colors, the possibilities are endless!

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