If you are like most brides and grooms, you have been dreaming of the perfect wedding since forever. Some may have actually pictured it, while others may have just imagined a “beautifully perfect day”. No matter how specific your wedding dreams are, though, one thing’s for sure: you want this day to be accompanied by the very best songs.

So, if you’re having a winter wedding, why not coordinate your wedding music playlist with the magic of the season outside? We have gathered some of the best winter wedding song ideas everyone will absolutely love at your wedding – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Billie Holiday, I’ve Got Love to Keep Me Warm. There’s something irresistibly sweet about this song – about as irresistible as a gingerbread cookie or a cup of hot chocolate. Billie Holiday’s unique voice, the amazing lyrics of this song, the winter-themed vibes – there’s so much to this particular song that it definitely deserves to make it to your wedding playlist.
  • The Doors, Wintertime Love. Looking for a song with a totally unique sound? For a rock tune that’s filled with love and romantic shades? Give this one a listen and we guarantee you will fall in love with it (if you don’t know and love it already!).
  • Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, Winter Song. Well, the title pretty much says it all when it comes to the theme of this song. Beyond the title, though, you will discover that this song has the best and most adorable lyrics ever. You will discover that this is a tune that makes your heart skip and melt at the same time. You will discover that you really WANT to include this song in your winter wedding.
  • Dean Martin, Let It Snow! This one’s a Christmas staple – and such a lovely romantic song too! If you’re looking for a tune everyone will recognize and love, this is IT. So sweet, so full of romance and so comforting – just like a fireplace on a cold winter day.


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