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Breaking the Ice at Your Wedding Reception

Have you ever been to a wedding reception that fell flat? We assure you, it is a painful thing to experience. It just goes downhill from there and people can't wait to escape and go home. A wedding is usually full of family and colleagues both special to the bride and...

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Simple Bridal Hairstyle Choices for your Wedding

Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding can seem a daunting task. Apart from the fact that you want to look your best, there are usually so many options to choose from. In fact, the difficulty involved in choosing the hairstyle to go with on your wedding day is counted...

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5 Wedding Trends to Watch Out For This Fall

If you’re planning a fall wedding, you might want to add a trendy element to your special day. Look out for these five popular wedding trends that are taking over this fall! Unusual venues More and more couples are choosing to forgo the traditional church and winery...

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5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Big Day

From finding the perfect reception venue to attending the final fitting for your dress, planning a wedding can be hectic. Handing out souvenirs at your wedding is an excellent way to say “thank you” to everyone who came together to make all the stress of planning a...

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The Wedding Colors Best for your Zodiac Sign

Apart from the traditional black, white and its variations, which is a given for many weddings, a great way to decide the other color themes that you want in your wedding is by using your zodiac signs. Courageous Aries (March 21 - April 19) - Of a fiery disposition...

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3 Simple Tips for a Happy Wedding Day

We've all been to weddings and as great as they can be, sometimes, the couples often have forced smiles and honestly, don’t seem to be having much fun at all. And why not? From last-minute upsets to events starting too far ahead of schedule, wedding days can turn out...

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Wedding Music Traditions You Don’t Have to Follow

Weddings are frequently rooted in traditions and customs. Some of them still make sense and many of them are still followed for their beauty – but in many cases, traditions don’t have to be followed in the modern context. What are some wedding music traditions you...

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How to Set the Tone for Your Big Day Using Music

Your wedding day is meant to reflect everything you are, everything your relationship represents. As such, you want every single element of the Big Day to be really well coordinate with your personality – from the colors that will enchant everyone, to the cake that...

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These Disco Songs Will Be So Much Fun at Your Wedding!

Like it or not, Disco music is a huge part of the world’s music evolution – without it, most of the pop songs you listen to today on the radio wouldn’t exist (or at least not in this shape). Disco music can be a really fun addition to your wedding playlist, especially...

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5 Interesting Ideas for Your Wedding’s “Something Blue”

Everyone’s heard the old saying—every wedding needs “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Have you decided what your wedding’s “blue note” will be? Consider adding one of these cool and fresh ideas to your big day! Add a blue hue to...

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