Your father deserves all of your appreciation and love for having been there for you at all times. And even though you’re getting married, you will always be his little princess – which is precisely why a father-daughter dance at your wedding is meant to make at least a handful of guests cry tears of emotion.

What are some of the best songs for such an occasion? We’ve gathered some of the best father-daughter dance song suggestions right below – so read on if you want to get inspired.

  • Heartland, I Loved Her First. Before the first love and before the first kiss, before you even thought you’d meet your future spouse, there was one man who loved you more than anyone in this world: your father. Dedicate this song to your father to show him you KNOW just how much he cares about you. It’s bound to make for a truly unforgettable father-daughter song!
  • Lee Ann Womack, I Hope You Dance. A sweet and candid song perfect for the dance between a father and his daughter on her wedding day. Lovely tune, lovely voice, and really lovely message too – just what you need for your father-daughter dance, really!
  • The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun. Beautiful and positive, this tune is an absolute legend, same as the musicians behind it. There’s just no way your dad won’t love this – and it makes for such an optimistic, beautiful, timeless father daughter dance!
  • Guns’n’Roses, Sweet Child O’ Mine. If you’re looking for a rock song that would work for your father-daughter dance and still bear a lot of sensitivity and emotion in every single note and every single lyric, this is the one. It’s a very popular tune, so if your dad is a fan of the genre, he and the other guests will absolutely love this song!
  • Chuck Wicks, Stealing Cinderella. This romantic song is perfect if you want your father-daughter dance to somehow include your groom as well. Telling the story of your wedding from the point of view of the groom addressing his father-in-law is a fresh and beautiful approach – and that’s what makes this tune really amazing for country-loving fathers and daughters.



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