Do you have a trade show coming up where you need your photo booth to stand out? Start by taking a look at which of your competitors will be at the show. Once you have an idea of what types of events you will be surrounded by, then you can adjust the strategies you use to capture your future customers’ attention.

There are plenty of ways you can make your trade show booth stand out. Here are some tips that may help inspire you before your next event.

  • Pull out the products. Let your products draw people to an area around your photo booth so you can get their genuine reaction to your products. Give them the chance to try the product and get a photograph of the moment.
  • Put a unique type of photo booth near your table. While there are many types of photo booths out there, something out of the ordinary may get more attention. You may want to consider a slow-motion photo booth in Philadelphia, PA from A+ Photo Booths to complement your event and offer a truly unique experience.
  • Have your salespeople in your photo booths. Customers love to be engaged — and high energy salesmen and women will help your company stand out even more. Encourage your sales associates to take photos with customers in your booth for a more memorable event.
  • Cover your photo booth in company pictures and logos. When at a trade show, you want your customers to remember your business. One way is to bring your own photos. Cover your photo booth with fun pictures from company events and share those memories to connect with potential buyers. You can even brand your booths, as well as your photo prints, with your company’s information!

Are you searching for the perfect trade show photo booth in Philadelphia, PA to complement your next trade show? A+ Photo Booths is here to help you make an impression with affordable and fun photo booth packages. Give us a call today at 866-398-8178 to learn more or book your rental!