As the host of your wedding day, you want nothing but fun and joy for your guests. As you may very well know it, the décor, the music and the food you place on the table will all matter when it comes to how your guests feel attending your Big Day. What is there to do beyond that? How to impress your guests with fun entertainment at your wedding? We have some ideas – so read on and find out more.

  • Karaoke party. Everyone loves a good karaoke party and your guests will make no exception. Give them the chance to stand in the spotlight and sing a song – not only will this be highly entertaining, but it will also create some pretty nice memories as well.
  • Fun games. Just because this is a wedding, it doesn’t mean your guests are not allowed to play some games. Arrange some popular games on each table and invite guests to have fun with them (when they are not on the dance floor, of course).
  • Scavenger hunt. Want to add a bit of adventure to your wedding day? Organize a scavenger hunt with photos that are meaningful for your relationship. People will absolutely love this idea!
  • Photo booth. Highly popular and extremely fun, photo booths are almost a “must” when it comes to weddings these days. You have all the reasons to love them: they are really entertaining, all guests will love them and they will also help you capture unique, fun moments of your Big Day.

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