A Plus Photo-booths for the best Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Philadelphia

Big Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties have recently become very popular in Philadelphia and now there are more entertainment, catering, decorating and event options than ever before. Planning an entertaining and memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration for your child can be almost as exciting as the event itself. With these five simple steps you can plan the perfect party without the hassle!

1. Decide on the venue for your celebration. Take into consideration the number of guests you plan to invite, the length of the event, and your budget. MitzvahWire is a great resource to use when you research and book your venue, offering a plethora of possible locations in the Philadelphia area, including hotels and country clubs. Not only does Mitzvah Wire offer a convenient way to search for venues, it also allows you to look for decorators, caterers, and even has suggestions for themed parties and decorations.

2. Pinterest is a great place to look for decorating ideas or themes, whether you’re planning on DIY decorations or simply looking for inspiration, check out Bar/Bat Mitzvah Pinterest boards for great ideas before you contract a professional decorator. Plan your decorations around your theme, this includes place setting, banners, and invitations. For instance, if the theme is a Hollywood award ceremony you could have red carpet leading guests into the part or if you’re doing a Broadway theme you could choose invitations styled after playbill. Your only limit here is your imagination.

3. The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia has some great resources when looking for a kosher catering company, with choices to suit all tastes. After you choose your caterer you must also choose the menu for your party. Traditional options, such as brisket and matzo ball soup, are surefire winners, while more eclectic fare such as chocolate fountains and sushi are becoming popular choices. Caterers will also work with you in regard to planning a menu to fit your theme and even allow you to taste foods.

4. The day of your child’s bar/bat mitzvah is a special one, and what better way to capture these memories than with an A Plus photo booth? In the past, disposable film cameras on the tables were a must, but these cameras had unreliable picture quality, were limited by the low number of pictures they could take, and negatives had to be developed. Today, photo booths have replaced the disposable camera! With A Plus photo booths and our memory book package, everyone has fun making memories together.  Each photo booth comes with an attendant who will compile the memory book over the course of the party, allowing guests to sign it with advice and well wishes next to their photos from the party. Guests will also receive unlimited prints of their photos and free copies online.  Book an A Plus photo booth for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah and watch the generations smile and laugh together!

5. Consider choosing A Plus Entertainment to DJ your event. The right DJ provides the perfect mood for your gathering and keeps the action going. Whether you’re looking for more traditional Jewish music, religious or otherwise, modern hits, or even requests, A Plus Entertainment has you covered. According to a recent customer, “A Plus Entertainment is exactly that, A Plus. Dan was very receptive to all of my concerns and questions. Michelle was perfect for the party and played almost every song I had asked for. If you have ANY type of party I would suggest A+ to anyone and everyone.”

For the perfect Philadelphia Bar/Bat Mitzvah party that makes all the generations smile, be sure to include A Plus Photo Booths and  A Plus Entertainment. Call 267-932-1300