Every wedding is special, unique, and beautiful in a unique way. Your wedding day is the one day that you commit to a lifetime with your soulmate, often the most important day in your life.

Are you recently engaged or starting to plan your wedding thoughtfully? If so, we’ve collated some of our favorite tips to make sure your big day is as perfect as can be.

Create a Wedding Planning Timetable

We all know that time passes us by incredibly fast sometimes. Mark our words, as soon as you’re engaged your friends and family will want to know when your wedding day will be occurring. Before choosing a date, create a plan with a range of dates that will work for you, speak to the venues that you are considering using, book the venue, and check out how long you’ll need to organize everything.

Set a Wedding Budget

Weddings are as expensive as you make them. More often than not, couples can get over excited and start to book things before they’ve truly figured out their finances. It’s worth sitting down with relatives and figuring out how much money is available before making any big decisions. This will avoid disappointment and more importantly, debt as you begin married life with your partner.

Plan Your Guest List Carefully

This is so important! Firstly, consider how many people can comfortably fit inside the wedding venue and the after party venue without overcrowding the place or making it feel too big. Keep in mind that more guests mean higher prices, more catering, more stress, and generally more of everything.

Consider Using a Wedding Planner

It can be incredibly stressful to plan a wedding. Remember, it’s your big day, and you don’t want to spoil it by taking responsibility for everything and feeling wiped out when the big day comes around. If you can afford it, wedding planners can take the stress out of all the minute details that make a wedding perfect.

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