The Slow Motion Booth – Old

Introducing Our New Slow Motion Video Booth 

The Slow Motion Booth features a TON of unique possibilities and an unparalleled quality.


The Slow Motion Booth is the most experienced team of slow motion operators in the United States. We have done events ranging from small private parties and weddings to multi million dollar corporate events and working with the NFL. No matter the size or complexity of the event – we are the team for the job! Check out our reviews!

Full Service

All of our booths come with 2 attendants to run the event. One that is running the equipment, and one that is instructing and coaching guests on how to make something awesome.

Gear & Playback

Our booths feature cameras that are filming at 240 frames per second in true 1080p HD. We spare absolutely no expense on our gear! We offer live playback on HD TV’s or projectors. No waiting for software to render and fake slow motion. Ours is the real deal.


All of our packages come with an online video for your guests, friends, family, coworkers and more to check out the awesomeness of your event. If you haven’t seen our videos yet – go here.

The Possibilities

Unlike a traditional booth, the slow motion booth is FUN. Pack up to 14 people into a single shot which makes it the most fun, most interactive, and most memorable experience of any wedding EVER!


All of our music is 100% legally licensed. Don’t open yourself up to problems with a company that is stealing music! If you are interested in our music selection, check out our partners at SongFreedom, Marmoset, and TheMusicBed.

Corporate/Activation Events

Looking for an activation experience? Look no further! Our team has the experience and the tech necessary to provide onsite upload, facebook integration, loading to micro sites, onsite edits, custom branding, and much more! No job is too big for the most experienced Slow Motion Booth team in the US. And with offices throughout the US (not subcontracted employees) we can guarantee the same level of experience regardless of where your event might take you.



Other Locations We Service

Denver, Colorado   –   Salt Lake City Utah  –  San Francisco – Bay Area