Like it or not, Disco music is a huge part of the world’s music evolution – without it, most of the pop songs you listen to today on the radio wouldn’t exist (or at least not in this shape).

Disco music can be a really fun addition to your wedding playlist, especially for the older generation who will definitely associate it with fun times and memories, but also for the younger generation, who will surely want to spend some time on the dance floor and have some fun as soon as they hear out these songs.

What are some of the best Disco songs to include in your wedding playlist?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • ABBA, Dancing Queen. This one’s a real classic – the kind everyone knows and the kind everyone will want to dance to. Given that you, as the bride, will be the Queen of your wedding day, this song is quite suitable from the point of view of its lyrics too. Plus, all your guests will have tons of fun to it!
  • Bee Gees, Stayin’ Alive. Again, this is one of those songs it’s impossible not to know. It’s been everywhere since the 70s – and every single time it plays, people just smile. It has a good vibe and energy to it, so it would be great as an ice breaker for your dance party.
  • Donna Summer, Bad Girls. If you want your bridesmaids to have some real fun, play this song for them. They might not be bad girls per se, but this song will definitely turn on their party mood – and together with them, all of the wedding guests will be “polluted” with good humor, tons of fun, and a memories that will last for a lifetime.
  • Kool & The Gang, Celebration. What song could ever be better? This tune has it all: it has the festive theme, the energy, and the good vibes. Plus, it’s the kind of song that people may not even know they know – so it will definitely bring all of them to the dance floor!

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