Although most people are already bidding farewell to the much-beloved festival season, this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to “borrow” that festival vibe and bring it into your Big Day. In fact, this would be a very beautiful, whimsical wedding theme your guests would definitely enjoy!

How to plan a festival-themed wedding? Here are some of the best ideas to inspire you:

  • Food trucks (or unique food “bars”, if you so wish). Food is a big part of the entire festival experience, so make sure to focus on this when planning your festival-inspired wedding. A food truck to provide guests with energy at midnight, a table filled with unique doughnuts, large slices of pizza – these things are absolute gold for guests who love the festival atmosphere.
  • Organize lounge spaces. Forget about classic tables, chairs, and seating arrangements! Plan an eclectic-looking wedding by organizing a bunch of lounge spaces, each centered on a different theme. It will be such a relaxing and pleasant surprise for your guests!
  • Plan a festival-themed photo booth. Take some fun props and encourage guests to bring their festival creativity into your wedding photo booth. They’ll have so much fun shooting these pictures!
  • Yes, play the best music. Festivals would be nothing without good music – so make sure to bring this into your wedding day too. Hire a DJ you can actually trust – someone who can handle a large, very diverse crowd without making any kind of compromises on the quality of the music itself.


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